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Interview with the Vampire 2022 - TV Show Quotes

Updated: Jul 14

"Interview with the Vampire" (2022), a TV show by AMC Network, brings a fresh adaptation of Anne Rice's classic novel. The series features memorable quotes from characters like Louis de Pointe du Lac, Lestat de Lioncourt, and Claudia, highlighting themes of immortality, darkness, and existential reflection. Key quotes explore the complex relationships and the eternal struggles of vampire existence, making this adaptation a captivating and thought-provoking watch.


"If you get scared, you just look at that light. Listen to my voice. I won't let anything go wrong." - Claudia

"Stop it! Stop it. This is too important a moment in our story for these games." - Armand

"If you want the insanity back. If you want an escape from this prison of empathy I've locked you away in, all you had to do was ask, Louis." - Armand

"Yeah, well, you don't know what human life is like. I mean you've forgotten, man. I mean you don't understand the meaning of your own story." - Daniel

"He was my maker. It's nothing more." - Louis

"Armand could see I was partial to you. Armand preserves my happiness, even when I don't or can't. He had a hunch you might prove fruitful in later times." - Louis

"Who am I, Louis? Am I my history I have endured? Am I the job I do not want? I do not know anymore. No one has painted me in over 400 years." - Armand

"His words had been my thoughts for half a century." - Armand

You kill nightly." - Daniel

"Never say I love you to a raging narcissist." - Daniel

"Your love was in a box, pondering a premeditated neck wound." - Daniel

"Can you imagine never dreaming? Would you look forward to sleep? Or would it terrify you when the day broke?" - Louis

"I have loved you with all myself." - Lestat

"She came back altered when she left us. There's a darkness in her that wasn't there before." - Lestat

"The vampire bond. There is no human equivalent." - Louis

"Lover. Murderer. Maker. You took him back." - Molloy

"It's a bond that can never fully be severed." - Louis

"All vampires are born out of drama. We made her out of remorse. Out of selfishness." - Louis

"Or you can endeavor on an experience that feels like eating syrup while writing in the wind." - Lestat

"He don't give good answers to questions. And he sits on the truth like it's his chair or something. I thought we weren't supposed to keep secrets." - Claudia

"A fish that doesn't swim. A bird refusing flight. You're going to struggle. I have faith in the feline population of New Orleans." - Lestat

"Do you ever think that we, that's to say, our kind, were put on Earth for a larger purpose?" - Louis

"I put you on this Earth. Your purpose is to enjoy yourself." - Lestat

"Vampires are killers. Apex predators whose all-seeing eyes were meant to give them detachment. The ability to see a human life in its entirety. Not with any markest sorrow, but with the thrilling satisfaction of being the end of that life. Having a hand in the divine plan." - Louis

"Yeah, well, mortality beats a heavy drum." - Daniel

"It's New Orleans. Days are for sleeping off the previous evening's damage." - Louis

"That was to be my destiny. And now I know I was right, only it turns out the saint is not a city but a handsome man with the most agreeable disposition." - Louis

"I've seen death over and over and over and over again. It's boring." - Louis

"I Hate The Sunrise And The Reminders It Brings."- Louis

"The Rage You Must Feel As You Choke On Your Sorrow." - Lestat

"You're A Challenge Every Sunset." - Lestat

"It's A Monotonous Gift The Petty Musings Of Meat." - Lestat

"I Had Walked My Entire Life As A Dead Man." - Louis

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