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Updated: Feb 12, 2023

- A collection of poetry assembles my misplaced thoughts.

- Love is both logical and illogical.

Also sane and insane,

yet freeing and surrending,

divided fake by uniting one.

Without understanding this confusion,

one has never loved truly.

- I shall not love you further.

Surrendering yourself to the enemy camp, you say,

Yet refuse to join me in this war by my side.

I shall not need you further.

Unleashing the calamity around us,

leading our future to doom.

I shall not find you further.

Destroying our forever bond,

I never will follow you again.

- Foolish mistake for looking at you,

under the dim candlelight.

Wished I had the strength to see you,

under the blinding sunlight.

Leading me toward my doom,

marring true love by the false knight.

- It is a wise choice to let the darkness

succumb me.

Rather than being foolish to let the wrong light

illuminates me.

- Nothing is permanent.

No one is permanent.

Life and death unite in loneliness.

Staying alone.

Being alone.

That is all I ever know.

Better to move on rather than ask them to stay.

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