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Updated: Feb 12, 2023

- I have no tribe,

no identity,

no home.

Yet I am still alive,

all alone,

on my own.

- Our fate continues to weave,

to discover our true destiny.

Leading our journey,

to unite us together.

Finding a way on the twisted path

to be chosen as a true one.

- Many ships were stirred by my alluring voice.

Dooming them into the bottomless depth by my choice.

Leading them off the course with my lethal sighs.

The vessels crashed under stormy waves by my beguile cries.

It was on me whom I chose to save,

Only one angel by my merciful rave.

For your desire was not to me die,

But remain by my loving side.

- Standing in the middle of chaos,

I seek the darkest corner.

To be forever alone,

with my quiet sorrow.

Everywhere I go,

I find the crowded trail.

Glaring at the silver mirror,

I stare into my endless depth.

I ask one question again and again,

Do you know to whom I belong?

- Stuck in a vicious circle,

tumbling and mumbling all night.

Never found a moment to myself,

To ask for some peace.

Give me some serenity,

Before I fall into everlasting insanity.

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