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There My Sailor Goes!

Thump, Thump!

Hear the heartbeats, Everyone cowering in their loveseats,

Hail to the Great King! Let us sing! Sing the praise of his name, Beware for mighty pirate has some game. Slash, Slash! Beware of his sharp sword.

To agree with him ... nod.

Pretty lassies cheering,

Envious men sneering. What to say more? Shiver Me Timbers!

He likes to get his way!

Aye, Aye! Ahoy Me Hearties!

Say the Captain of the ship.

All Hand Hoy! Let’s sow what we reap. Bring a Spring Upon ‘er,

Towards Davy Jones’ Locker. Stirring his precious vessel with ease, All Hail to the conqueror of the seven seas. Heave To!

Avast Ye, Call of alluring Siren ...

For Dead Men Tell No Tales!


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