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Vienna Blood - TV Series Quotes


EPISODE 1 - The Last Seance

Max Liebermann

1. There is a shadow self, a secret identity that everyone is struggling to hide.

- Max Liebermann

2. The deeper my journey into other people’s madness, the less I know myself.

- Max Liebermann

3. The Beethoven Frieze.

Gustav Klimt. I wanted you to see it before it’s gone.

It’s …

Extraordinary, don’t you think?

You don’t like it?

- Max Liebermann

I find it frightening, to be honest, Max.

Almost like a nightmare. Yes.

Image of madness.

Forbidden wishes.

- Clara Weiss

4. To every age it’s art.

- Max Liebermann

5. The mind can play tricks on us.

- Max Liebermann

6. Memories can be suppressed, especially painful ones.

- Max Liebermann

7. “She’s bewitching.

But she is dark and oddly dangerous, a deep reservoir of anger.

In truth, I’m desperate to help her.”

- Leah Liebermann

(Quoting from Max Liebermann's Journal)

8. I see desperation.

Lives cut short.

Broken relationships.

Unfinished conversations.

I see the pain of loss.

- Max Liebermann

9. If I told you I could make it stop … all the pain … would you do as I ask?

I … I know you have no reason to trust me.

- Max Liebermann

10. You’re the architect of your own warped mortality.

- Max Liebermann

11. There is a shadow self, a secret identity that everyone is struggling to hide.

The deeper my journey into other people's madness, the less I know myself.

- Max Liebermann

EPISODE 2 - Queen of the Night

1. Christ be my salvation.

They say that a man is never so weak, so defenseless against suffering as when he is in love.

Love is still an enigma to science.

Perhaps it is just a state of madness.

I was told this legend as a child.

Human beings were once double-headed creatures.

The Gods resolved that we should all be humbled.

They devised a punishment – cutting each body in half.

Now, everyone is looking for their missing counterpart.

Everyone one of us has perfect pre-ordained love.

The other self that the Gods took from us.

- Max Liebermann

2. If love is just a state of madness, then perhaps it can be cured.

But where does the madness begin and end?

Where does the border lie between love and obsession?

- Max Liebermann

3. Insane is not a catch-all, inspector.

Even the most disturbed mind has its own kind of logic.

- Max Liebermann

4. I knew it was her.

I knew she was signaling to me.

How did you know the signal was meant for you?

When you meet your true love, Doctor, the power of this attraction is just irresistible.

So you believe you and the Duchess were pre-ordained as lovers?

Everyone has a true love, Doctor.

Surely you believe that?

- Max Liebermann

5. Do you think obsession is the same as love?

- Max Liebermann

6. You and I have had a strange beginning.

Most people when they meet, they stand behind the veil of politeness.

They dance around each other, never saying what they mean.

You and I have never done that, just …

Force of circumstance.

- Amelia Lydgate

7. Expressed emotions do not merely sink without a trace, Professor.

They bubble up to the surface.

- Max Liebermann

EPISODE 3 - The Lost Child

1. Children remind us what we gained but also, what we lost.

They make us come face-to-face with our own mortality.

They are the people that we once were, the land to which can we never return.

- Max Liebermann

2. He was running.

He was trying to escape from someone.

He was being hunted.

- Max Liebermann

3. Silence is our weapon.

- Stephen Wolf

4. You can't kill a rumour.

It's like a

It's like a hydra

You cut off one head, two others grow back in its place.

- Stephen Wolf

5. Can't resist a mystery, can you?

Always drawn to an enigma.

- Clara Weiss



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