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Why I love watching movies and TV?

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

Life is like a storybook. One chapter after another promising adventures, life lessons and excitement of the unknown. The process of storytelling started in BCE through oral tradition or orality in various cultures. We have learned that humans have an inclination to either spin tales or get wrapped up in fascinating stories and sometimes both. Nowadays we have entertainment in several modes such as television shows, movies, cartoons, comics, novels, poetry etc. For me the escape is through bingeing on my favorite shows or discovering new ones. My all-time favorite growing up was Friends, Last man standing, Castle, How I Met Your Mother, The Librarians, and Pretty Little Liars and of course, The Big Bang Theory in which we all fell in love with Sheldon Cooper character. The list goes on because even though the program is fictional we can connect ourselves and discover something new which we never gave it a second thought. I am the biggest admirer of ‘The Big Bang theory’ sitcom because it has shed the limelight on Science Fiction genre. It also made the learning very exciting and easy to understand. We are always spellbound by new technology like the one movie called ‘Back to the Future’ series, in which it came up with amazing and innovative technology. The scientists are today coming up with new theories to create the prototype and making way for the New Age of Technology. I also want to share about the television series called ‘The Librarians’ that is similar to the earlier mentioned sitcom. It is about a group of people with unique abilities called librarians working at the Metropolitan Public Library in New York. They go on adventures to save the world from disaster and apocalyptic events. The series shows the librarians solving ancient devices using mathematics and science, art and history, and other skills. Here we can learn about ancient technology used at that particular era which still marvels us today. We all know about Egypt’s pyramid and felucca; Mayan’s the concept of zero, the game, called 'Pok-A-Tok' (like Basketball), The Mayan Calendar (which we prepared ourselves for the end of world in the year 2012), astronomy (calculated 365 days in a year), Mesopotamia introduced us to wheels (pottery wheel), maps and so on. Whenever new movies get released we are first in line to buy the tickets. Majority of us are big fan of DC comics and Marvel movies, then I like to watch ‘The Matrix, Jumanji, The Mummy, Assassin’s Creed, Prince of Persia, Mission Impossible, James Bond, Top Gun, Pirates of the Caribbean, Tomb Raider, Terminator, etc.

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